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New Zealand is an island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country is compose by two main landmasses—the North Island and the South Island— and around 600 smaller islands.

Studying in New Zealand is an adventurous experience in a country with magnificent landscapes and coastlines that encompass distinct biodiversity of animal, fungal and plant life. Get ready to immerse yourself in the outdoors and delight in activities that make the most of the spectacular scenarios that will surround you.

New Zealand in recent years has become a popular study abroad destination among international students especially among South Asian students. It is a fast emerging destination among Indian students for quality education and conducive learning environment. Over the past years, New Zealand has witnessed a consistent growth in the number of students preferring New Zealand as a study abroad destination over other countries.


With an internationally renowned education system, spectacular scenery and a lifestyle that has been enticing international students to its shores for years, New Zealand consistently ranks as one of the top places to live and study. Named as the world’s second most peaceful country by the Global Peace Index in 2018, New Zealand has a reputation for being one of the safest and friendliest places to study abroad, and is well known for giving its international students fantastic levels of support and guidance.


Friendly and welcoming, New Zealand has a very interesting culture to discover. As well as British and European customs, New Zealand is heavily influenced by its Polynesian and Maori heritage; the impact of which you’ll discover in the traditions, arts, foods and even the accents of New Zealanders. Generally friendly, polite and slightly reserved, New Zealanders place a high value on hospitality and enjoy making their guests feel welcomed. Dress codes are smart but casual. There can be marked differences between Maori and NZ European (Pakeha) cultures, so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with this before arriving in the country.


It’s possible to complete most bachelor degrees in three years in New Zealand, which can help to make studying here cost-effective. Average tuition fees in New Zealand are around NZ$27,000, so you should budget for anywhere from NZ$66,000 to NZ$100,000 to complete your undergraduate degree. Please bear in mind that these fees are indicative only, and are subject to both increase or decrease depending on which course you choose to study and where.


There a several options to choose from when considering your accommodation choice in New Zealand.

Typical choices include: Halls of residence (sometimes called hostels) – normally close to campus, meals are sometimes included and you’ll have a single or twin room with shared dining room, lounge and laundry. Homestay (sometimes called private board) – a great opportunity to learn about the New Zealand culture and practice your English, you’ll stay with a family in a fully furnished room. Flatting (house share or independent accommodation) – sharing a house with other students is a great way to make friends and keep costs down.

Living costs can vary quite a lot depending on your lifestyle and where you’ll be living. As part of your visa application you will need to prove that you have at least NZ$15,000 per year to cover your costs however, you can expect your living expenses to be be closer to NZ$20,000 per year or more in some of the bigger cities.


Most student visas will allow you to work for a maximum of 20 hours during term-time and full-time during holidays. This is a great way of gaining valuable work experience, developing your business English and helping to pay your living expenses. Always check that you are eligible to work on your student visa before starting employment.


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