Valued added professional training

Value added training course offers an excellent learning opportunity for busy professionals from any industrial segments. Training modules are designed to ensure after training you get far better understanding and implementation idea so professional career gets better results.

This training is customised as it requires just two hours per week of your time and includes an interactive forum for you to ask direct questions about challenges you are facing to expert course leaders.

Modules are designed to ensure you can pace yourself alongside your peers and you will have access to a comprehensive set of assets to support your value-addedlearning supported by such as video content, quizzes and real case studies.

Our popular value added trainings are:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Culture development skills
  • Win Win Presentation skills
  • Development of sales and marketing strategies
  • Project management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Trade practices and anti trust training

Please contact our nearby office for next available session for your chosen training.Alternatively, you may contact us through email.