Students – How your education institute can assist you to get your job ready !!

Let think outside of box so we feel more confident leaving university!!

Students who make the most of their course tend to have a few things in common, they gain good education but give less time looking for participation with career oriented programs offered by your education provider. Students are busy and loaded with lot of course work, assignments and struggle to allocate time from their very busy schedule

There are few university run facilities may help you to boost your employment prospects while your study ongoing.

Career development programs and employment services

Make yourself available to attend / participate career oriented programs organized by your university. Below are the list of few major programs offered by universities at different intervals.

  1. Student industry programs
  2. Industrial seminars or webinars
  3. Industry events and hands on workshop
  4. Career fair
  5. Research centre
  6. Industry associations

These resources can help when applying for casual employment or graduate roles, internships, volunteering, preparing for interviews, creating a LinkedIn profile and so on. Few universities offers career services for graduates for a year after graduation this may include being a research assistant for an academic or tutoring a student.

Your active involvement in such university offered programs you get chance to meet different kind of industrial experts and learning opportunity along with development of professional connections.

Look opportunity to associate with Research centers with in your University or institute. Student involvement is usually very welcomed at university research centers or institutes. Apart from helping with your study, you will also learn different ways to apply knowledge from your course. These centers also tend to run events where you can learn and meet alumni, academics and potential employers who are engaged in your field of interest. You can join mailing lists at other universities too.

Look for opportunity to join industry association of your area of study.  The benefits of joining an industry association as a student member are many, and may include an opportunity to be mentored by an industry professional. Membership is often free or at low cost for full-time students.

In general, be a smart student and think broadly, be curious and be ready to learn more and more about your job need!! Don’t ignore typical Job search engine, social media job posting, recruitment agent and more open options. Ultimately your efforts should lead to feel you more confident when leaving university. 

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