50% credit in 3 years of Bachelor program through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Sound very good when few student gets 50% credit in their three years Bachelor program through their previous Advance diploma – offshore or onshore based qualifications.  Yes, this is possible through RPL process known as Recognition of Prior Learning in Australia.

If you’ve completed a formal course at Advance Diploma level, then AQF has created a guide that Registered Training Organisations should consider when determining the amount of credit your RPL can have towards a new Bachelor course you are intent to enrolled. Gaining a credits of the course subjects student already has studied has to be demonstrated in accurate manner while seeking credit for the Bachelor program. Transcripts with course contents are very much useful here while applying for the credits through RPL.  Please remember, the process changes between different education providers, but would stay with in guideline abide by the AQF’s policy to provide a transparent and accessible process where every student is considered properly. In few cases, RPL provides opportunities to gain credits reorganisation for some other subjects which allow student to have multiple options to choose another formal bachelor program(s).

Student need to do Self-assessment as per the format provided by Education provider to apply for the credit assessment. Document submission has to be accurate i.e education transcripts, contents descriptions and relevant work experience.  All of this information will be reviewed by an assessor and if they feel it’s sufficient evidence, then an interview will normally follow prior to grant course credits.

There are so many reasons to consider undertaking the process and applying for Recognition of Prior Learning. Not only can it significantly reduce your time spent studying a course but it can also allow you to become eligible for courses you may not have the previous formal qualifications needed to meet the criteria.  

Non-formal learning and informal learning also has opportunities to apply for the credits through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). We are more than happy to discuss your qualifications and experience to see how collectively we can review your need of RPL on your chosen undergraduate or post-graduation qualification.

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