Culture differences – Facts for the overseas students

Visa Granted for overseas country!! Does this enough to take success as granted?

As a student or applicant point of view, Visa granted is obviously a one of the happiness moment of life, so genetic answer is YES. But as a responsible education consultant, our answer is certainly not YES.

By ground level experience, we have found biggest challenge to achieve success in overseas countries is to make ourselves familiar with Culture awareness.

Let me share my experience of few students recruited by our consultancy in 2017 in one of the overseas country chosen by student and their guardian where they aimed to gain higher education from one of the world class university and settle down in chosen country but some circumstances have forced to change their dreams and come back to their home country.

One student from my consultancy have decided to come back home from Australia because of not able to adjust with the culture of Australia.  I tried to re counsel them through our Sydney office to know the reasons!! Reason was not academic or finance issues but not able to adjust and adopt local, academic and social culture differences !!

Student was excellent in academic, english and finance and came to our one of the overseas office along with their parents for very genuine reason to have Australian education to gain international qualification and advanced his skills so he can support their parent business after study from Australian university.  During his initial stay period he started struggling to adopt the different type of study, language barrier, difficulty to communicate with local norms and local culture.

After discussing with my counseling team I came to know that student was not able to attend our pre departure & culture development training because he got Visa Granted prior to his one week of course starts and he was busy in his routine arrangements to fly Australia so he missed basic professional information session of Culture awareness training.

Every student must spend time understanding Culture of the overseas country and do some exercise to familiar with new country, university and culture prior to depart to overseas country. Once you land in new country always ready to face new challenges in every step of life. Some tips stated below for student to always consider in any overseas country they choose for higher education.

  1. Ensure you always be in a time from the first day of your study including orientation day. Never hesitate to make friends with various international students including local. Involve yourself in day to day activities as international students even through you might be unfamiliar with certain aspects of country’s culture. Try to push yourself in new culture so you learn day to day and over the time you will surely build confidence in your ability to respond to new situations.
  2. Make connections with local students and people. It will help you to learn more about what is life like in a new country. You can also be a part of societies and clubs that cater to your interests.
  3. Don’t try to assume what you think or understand is correct always but make habit to figure out with cross references. Nothing wrong to ask question and seek support. Give yourself some time to settle
  4. Always stay in line with society where you live and study. Try to stay always active – Physically and mentally both.  Eat healthy food and sleep well.
  5. Create a space for yourself to ensure you are comfortable, ready and always happy to face tomorrow with better learnt from yesterday.

Awareness about country culture is the must as every student has to adopt to ensure they are prepared prior to depart and keep facing new culture with some prior preparation once they land in a country.

As a responsible education counselor at EDI Global Education, I strongly recommend culture awareness training is must prior departure to any new country so every student gets familiar with common challenges they are going to face while they land in new country for study.

Education consultant cannot assure success of every one, but only can provide some tips and share ground level realities through their past enrolled students. Should you wish to know in detail about our Culture development training, type of practical references, professional tips, please contact any of the EDI Global education office to find out more.

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